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Twin star excorsist ch.49 English by Bluestar1991 Twin star excorsist ch.49 English :iconbluestar1991:Bluestar1991 0 0
Warriors ff- s1 #1 The Blue Warrior ch.6
 It was cold.
 Very cold, and very wet.
 Bluepaw opened her eyes a slit. She was moving, yet she felt she couldn’t move a muscle.
 The numbness slowly retreated, enough for her to feel the grass moving beneath her and be able to open her eyes feebly. Squinting against the harsh light, she looked around.
 Her mentor voletail was hauling her away from the river to a soft patch of grass.
 "Voletail?" She croaked.
 "Bluepaw! You’re awake!" Voletail stopped and began licking her to warm her up. "What were you thinking, running away like that? You scared everybody! And, worst of all, you can’t just leap into the river like that! You’re too small, and you haven’t even learned how to swim!" Her mentor began hauling bluepaw up on her feet, still lecturing her, then began herding her towards camp.
 "No," bluepaw mewed. She stopped. She couldn’t go back, she couldn’t let her clanmates suffer more because of her. "
:iconbluestar1991:Bluestar1991 1 0
WorldOfWarriors has a website now by Bluestar1991 WorldOfWarriors has a website now :iconbluestar1991:Bluestar1991 3 0
[open] Free warrior cat oc's part 1
Whiskerflower- claimed by ME
 A shy pale white and ginger tortoiseshell shecat with soft green eyes. Soft, fluffy fur. For some reason, battle-scarred is her type.
 An energetic tan-yellow shecat with a bright personality. Blue eyes, Often jumps into battle without a thought. Has a lot of friends who are toms but doesn’t plan to have a mate.
Dewspots- MeMoney
 brown shecat with white spots. Green eyes, short thin fur that doesn’t efficiently keep out the cold. Keeps away from rivers for that reason. Outgoing and thoughtful.
Gorsesplash- Werefoxgaming 
 Light brown tabby tom with dark blue eyes. Shecat-charmer, good fighter but clumsy. Horrible at hunting but still good at fighting. Hates heat (it ruins his fur)
 Shy gray tom that likes to swim. Good scent-tracker. Has a white spot on his left side. Long fur.
:iconbluestar1991:Bluestar1991 0 8
Bluestar x yellowfang request (foxlove944) by Bluestar1991 Bluestar x yellowfang request (foxlove944) :iconbluestar1991:Bluestar1991 3 0 Yona x hak color in by Bluestar1991 Yona x hak color in :iconbluestar1991:Bluestar1991 4 0 Shin-ah color by Bluestar1991 Shin-ah color :iconbluestar1991:Bluestar1991 5 0 SHIPPING WEEK, I GUESS by Bluestar1991 SHIPPING WEEK, I GUESS :iconbluestar1991:Bluestar1991 3 0 Midnight, brambleclaw, and squirrelflight by Bluestar1991 Midnight, brambleclaw, and squirrelflight :iconbluestar1991:Bluestar1991 5 0 I FEEL YA by Bluestar1991 I FEEL YA :iconbluestar1991:Bluestar1991 3 1 Reaction to this scene by Bluestar1991 Reaction to this scene :iconbluestar1991:Bluestar1991 3 2
Warriors ff- s1 #1 The Blue Warrior ch.5
 What is happening to us?
 Darkweed crouched, motionless, as his clan mates howled around him. He did not move when his clan mates turned to him.
 "Darkweed! Get up!" Darkweed's apprentice, swimpaw, prodded him. "You have to be the leader now! Tell then what to-" darkweed was easily pushed over by swimpaw's attempts to wake him. "D-Darkweed?!?"
 Bluepaw found the courage to step forward and sniff him. "He's dead," She croaked.
 Swimpaw stared at her in shock. "He can’t be dead! He’s the only one who can lead us! We have no medicine cat! No Leader! And now, don’t tell me we don’t have a deputy!" The tom screeched, whirling to face Bluepaw. "You’ve trained to be a medicine apprentice! If you hadn’t quit, we would have a medicine cat at the least! You know herbs! Save him!" Swimpaw wailed. "He can’t be dead!"
 The knot in bluepaw's belly seemed to be weighing down her injuries. They hadn’t had time to heal at al
:iconbluestar1991:Bluestar1991 3 0
Clawface death scene by Bluestar1991 Clawface death scene :iconbluestar1991:Bluestar1991 4 1 5-minute Firestar by Bluestar1991 5-minute Firestar :iconbluestar1991:Bluestar1991 4 0 Foxlove944- Mapleshade x Bluestar request by Bluestar1991 Foxlove944- Mapleshade x Bluestar request :iconbluestar1991:Bluestar1991 3 5
Warriors ff- s1 #1 The Blue Warrior ch.4
 The next morning, the camp was in chaos.
 "Our medicine cat is dead!"
 "What are we gonna do?"
 This was too much blood and death for Bluepaw. First Tulipshade, then Moonwhisker, and now Furfire.
 "Quiet!" Waterstar's call echoed around the clearing. He jumped onto the wetrock. "Let all cats old enough to swim the rapids gather below the wet rock for a meeting!"
 Most cats were already gathered, anticipating the call.
 "As you know, we have lost our medicine cat to an unknown illness last night. We must find a new one," the leader began, "so I will travel to the moonpool tonight. I will bring fishpaw, pebblepaw, swimpaw, and their mentors."
 The adopted brothers exchanged an excited glance. Lucky! But Bluepaw knew it was only fair-they were older. She felt shame knowing she was being selfish, after everything that happened. Bluepaw nodded to her father, stormtail. "How did they know pebblepaw's age?"
 Stormtail paused, then began to
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Facebook Warriors: Surprise Adoption by The-Devious-Wolf Facebook Warriors: Surprise Adoption :iconthe-devious-wolf:The-Devious-Wolf 195 42 The Five Clan Leaders by Silverzoul The Five Clan Leaders :iconsilverzoul:Silverzoul 100 10 Bramblestar redo by nizumifangs Bramblestar redo :iconnizumifangs:nizumifangs 19 8 Day 2 favorite leader by nizumifangs Day 2 favorite leader :iconnizumifangs:nizumifangs 17 12 To be continued... by nizumifangs To be continued... :iconnizumifangs:nizumifangs 17 8 Day 3 favorite medicine cat by nizumifangs Day 3 favorite medicine cat :iconnizumifangs:nizumifangs 15 5 That's a promise ... by nizumifangs That's a promise ... :iconnizumifangs:nizumifangs 13 1 Crystal by nizumifangs Crystal :iconnizumifangs:nizumifangs 18 6 Chirp by nizumifangs Chirp :iconnizumifangs:nizumifangs 20 3 Day 1 favorite cat by nizumifangs Day 1 favorite cat :iconnizumifangs:nizumifangs 21 5 Bluestar by Silverzoul Bluestar :iconsilverzoul:Silverzoul 61 6 Medicine Boys by Silverzoul Medicine Boys :iconsilverzoul:Silverzoul 100 14 Rainy Totoro by TsaoShin Rainy Totoro :icontsaoshin:TsaoShin 1,862 109 They've improved by nizumifangs They've improved :iconnizumifangs:nizumifangs 23 27 Doves wing by nizumifangs Doves wing :iconnizumifangs:nizumifangs 20 10 Warrior cats base sheet by nizumifangs Warrior cats base sheet :iconnizumifangs:nizumifangs 22 9


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I’m sorry if I haven’t uploaded in a while, I’m busy on two animation projects
I know I’m doing alot of status updates today, but I have lots of Important information. Like how I only have 2 SUBSCRIBERS... T-T
als I need points
Right now I’m on a warriors rp where you don’t need to sign in! Join now, I’m using  the name blueheart…
Guys we need to go on the w.o.w. Chat more often- it’s a role play chat…
claim your character in the group blogs and just comment your claim, or just use one that’s not claimed… 


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Ao Mindoro
Artist | Student | Literature
United States
I like literature and I LOVE warriors. I discovered warriors quite a while ago, and I couldn’t let go since.
My friend, werefoxgaming, told me that deviantart wasn’t just art, but literature as well. I looked at some guides about deviantart literature and even talked to werefoxgaming's friend MeMoney (I barely know her to be honest, but we’ve started to get closer). I hope you guys enjoy! Meow!


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Colorless cats
Colorless cats, basically templates you can add color to yourself.
Complete cats
 So pretty much I make a complete cat for you to use.


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